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Yammer is a private social network to help organizations collaborate around conversations and share content across the private network.With the success of Yammer, there has been great demand for developing custom applications that work like Yammer. Elgg Social networking platform has turned out to be one of the best platforms for developing Yammer clones quickly. The out of the box features of ELGG helps us to create an MVP of the product in the quickest possible way. Below are some of the key elgg features that are required by a Yammer or Convo like Enterprise Social networking platform.

Files & Documents
Private Messages etc.

Elgg powered platforms can be developed as a self hosted solution or can be converted into a SaaS platform.  ElggHub has developed iPhone and Android applications for elgg, which can be extended and customized to work with the new enterprise platform. The platform can be extended further to work with enterprise solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint, SAP etc. Please drop us an email to learn more about these solutions to build your own Yammer or Convo or Chatter.


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