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I was a bit surprised when I read the ning.com press release on phasing out the free networks on their network. When I read it, I was thinking about the problems customers may face at such sites like ning.com, socialgo.com etc.

We, at Cubet Technologies have thought about the possibilities of allowing netwok owners to move their social networks from ning, socialgo etc to elgg. We realized that we can help people in this and started working towards this.

We have successfully transferred a socialgo site to elgg and more will be in the list soon.



I have read few notes on the topic “Adding Google Analytics to an ELGG installation”. Interestingly, many of them pointed that elgg does not have a sophisticated tool or interface for adding google analytics to elgg.
But we have a simple and clean method to add google analytics to a elgg application.

To add Google analytics to your elgg install, do the following steps.

#1: Login to your Google Analytics account and get the GA Code.
#2: Create a file called analytics.php in your /mod/theme_plugin/views/default/footer/analytics.php. Create “footer” directory if its not already created.
#3: Paste the GA code in the file.
#4: enable the theme that contains the new file.

That’s it. You should have Google analytics up and running at your site now.



some information about an ElggCamp that is happening in Paris at La cantine on June 13th

There is a growing community of Elgg developers, designers and adopters in France and this ElggCamp will provide an opportunity for those interested in Elgg, based in the Paris region, to meet and share experiences/projects. For more information head over to the event site http://elgg.elgg.fr/pg/groups/623/projet-elggcamp/.

If you are interested in, or are, arranging an ElggCamp and would like it mentioned on this blog, send over any details (dave elgg com).