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Elgg is a powerful social networking platform to build elegant social networking applications quickly. Elgg open source code allows us to set up a single stand alone networks in no time. But from the early days of elgg, there has been a lot of demand for enabling elgg to host multiple social networks – just like ning or socialgo – a network of social networks. There were some modules working with the earlier version of elgg, but there wan’t one for elgg1.8. But we have a solution now .

Unfortunately, elgg is not supporting this functionality by default, and more to add, the elgg architecture does not support us to add the so called multisite functionality into elgg. So, this has been a nightmare for elgg developers and users to set up and run an elgg based network of networks. People needed to have very deep understanding of the elgg platform and core to customize elgg to achieve this.

Being elgg specialists since 2006, we thought of taking this challenge and building a multisite plugin for elgg. So, the elgghub team has started to investigate on the feasibility of integrating multisite functionality with elgg and come up with a solution. The solution was built well and have implemented for a client.

The architecture was not very simple, we had to develop few plugins and make some tweaks to the core to accommodate the architectural constraints elgg had. Then we came up with a new suit of elgg that supports multisite. Following are the basic features of this multi site integration of elgg.

Single ELGG code base for unlimited social networks
Running on a single database
can accommodate unlimited child networks
Can have unlimited users
It has a network admin and sub-network admins
Network admin can manage plugins & themes for each sub-network
Sub-network admin can enable/configure plugins assigned to their particular network
Each sub-network can have its on theme/design
Network admin can define if user overlapping is enabled(User of a network can join to another network)
Admin can allow access to the network per user basis
Users can switch between their allowed networks easily
Content filtering is done per network basis.
Content added by network admin can be sent to all sub networks and lot more…

This set of plugins for elgg helps elgg users to set up and launch your elgg based multi sites faster than ever.

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