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Elgg is an open source social networking platform, which powers hundreds of web applications and social networks world wide.  As the Elgg powered applications grow, there has been a large requirement to take these social applications into the mobile platform.  As one of the leading providers of Elgg based applications and solutions, ElggHub took up this challenge by moving into the right direction and developing mobile applications for the iPhone and android platforms.

We have developed the iPhone application for Elgg as a part of of mobile series Elgg. The Elgg iPhone app has the following functionality.

News Feeds & Activity river
User profiles, edit profiles
Photos, albums etc
Messages, Inbox, Outbox
Friend requests

The app will be available to purchase at our Elgg store at http://elggmarket.com. Alternatively, you can contact ElggHub directly to get a customized iPhone app for your Elgg powered social network.


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