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Elgg is a powerful social networking platform to build elegant social networking applications quickly. Elgg open source code allows us to set up a single stand alone networks in no time. But from the early days of elgg, there has been a lot of demand for enabling elgg to host multiple social networks – just like ning or socialgo – a network of social networks. There were some modules working with the earlier version of elgg, but there wan’t one for elgg1.8. But we have a solution now .

Unfortunately, elgg is not supporting this functionality by default, and more to add, the elgg architecture does not support us to add the so called multisite functionality into elgg. So, this has been a nightmare for elgg developers and users to set up and run an elgg based network of networks. People needed to have very deep understanding of the elgg platform and core to customize elgg to achieve this.

Being elgg specialists since 2006, we thought of taking this challenge and building a multisite plugin for elgg. So, the elgghub team has started to investigate on the feasibility of integrating multisite functionality with elgg and come up with a solution. The solution was built well and have implemented for a client.

The architecture was not very simple, we had to develop few plugins and make some tweaks to the core to accommodate the architectural constraints elgg had. Then we came up with a new suit of elgg that supports multisite. Following are the basic features of this multi site integration of elgg.

Single ELGG code base for unlimited social networks
Running on a single database
can accommodate unlimited child networks
Can have unlimited users
It has a network admin and sub-network admins
Network admin can manage plugins & themes for each sub-network
Sub-network admin can enable/configure plugins assigned to their particular network
Each sub-network can have its on theme/design
Network admin can define if user overlapping is enabled(User of a network can join to another network)
Admin can allow access to the network per user basis
Users can switch between their allowed networks easily
Content filtering is done per network basis.
Content added by network admin can be sent to all sub networks and lot more…

This set of plugins for elgg helps elgg users to set up and launch your elgg based multi sites faster than ever.


Elgg is a social networking plat which hides a lot of power that is less utilized. Elgg’s modular architecture makes it  easy for us to customize elgg for our specific needs using elgg plugins. One of the success stories with the module design and plugins of elgg is the ability to transform elgg into a social marketplace.


Social networking has grown a lot, and become one of the major tools for companies to provide a better collaboration among its employees. Companies have started to launch their own unique social networking solution for their employees and encourage employees to become more socially active. Studies show that active intra-social networks improve internal interactions and resulting into 27% increase in performance.

Launching your own social network was a big task in the earlier days, but it has become a very quick process. We have many successful methods such as ElggPro, Ning, SocialGo etc that helps to launch your social network in minutes.
ElggPro is a social network software that helps you build your own customized community websites in minutes. It helps you to start simple, clean and enhance the feature later to keep up with our needs


Yammer is a private social network to help organizations collaborate around conversations and share content across the private network.With the success of Yammer, there has been great demand for developing custom applications that work like Yammer. Elgg Social networking platform has turned out to be one of the best platforms for developing Yammer clones quickly. The out of the box features of ELGG helps us to create an MVP of the product in the quickest possible way. Below are some of the key elgg features that are required by a Yammer or Convo like Enterprise Social networking platform.

Files & Documents
Private Messages etc.

Elgg powered platforms can be developed as a self hosted solution or can be converted into a SaaS platform.  ElggHub has developed iPhone and Android applications for elgg, which can be extended and customized to work with the new enterprise platform. The platform can be extended further to work with enterprise solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint, SAP etc. Please drop us an email to learn more about these solutions to build your own Yammer or Convo or Chatter.



I was a bit surprised when I read the ning.com press release on phasing out the free networks on their network. When I read it, I was thinking about the problems customers may face at such sites like ning.com, socialgo.com etc.

We, at Cubet Technologies have thought about the possibilities of allowing netwok owners to move their social networks from ning, socialgo etc to elgg.


Elgg is an open source social networking platform, which powers hundreds of web applications and social networks world wide.  As the Elgg powered applications grow, there has been a large requirement to take these social applications into the mobile platform.  As one of the leading providers of Elgg based applications and solutions, ElggHub took up this challenge by moving into the right direction and developing mobile applications for the iPhone and android platforms.

We have developed the iPhone application for Elgg as a part of of mobile series Elgg. The Elgg iPhone app has the following functionality.

News Feeds & Activity river
User profiles, edit profiles
Photos, albums etc
Messages, Inbox, Outbox
Friend requests

The app will be available to purchase at our Elgg store at http://elggmarket.com. Alternatively, you can contact ElggHub directly to get a customized iPhone app for your Elgg powered social network.



I was a bit surprised when I read the ning.com press release on phasing out the free networks on their network. When I read it, I was thinking about the problems customers may face at such sites like ning.com, socialgo.com etc.

We, at Cubet Technologies have thought about the possibilities of allowing netwok owners to move their social networks from ning, socialgo etc to elgg. We realized that we can help people in this and started working towards this.

We have successfully transferred a socialgo site to elgg and more will be in the list soon.



I have read few notes on the topic “Adding Google Analytics to an ELGG installation”. Interestingly, many of them pointed that elgg does not have a sophisticated tool or interface for adding google analytics to elgg.
But we have a simple and clean method to add google analytics to a elgg application.

To add Google analytics to your elgg install, do the following steps.

#1: Login to your Google Analytics account and get the GA Code.
#2: Create a file called analytics.php in your /mod/theme_plugin/views/default/footer/analytics.php. Create “footer” directory if its not already created.
#3: Paste the GA code in the file.
#4: enable the theme that contains the new file.

That’s it. You should have Google analytics up and running at your site now.



some information about an ElggCamp that is happening in Paris at La cantine on June 13th

There is a growing community of Elgg developers, designers and adopters in France and this ElggCamp will provide an opportunity for those interested in Elgg, based in the Paris region, to meet and share experiences/projects. For more information head over to the event site http://elgg.elgg.fr/pg/groups/623/projet-elggcamp/.

If you are interested in, or are, arranging an ElggCamp and would like it mentioned on this blog, send over any details (dave elgg com).